Stranger Things Have Happened


Snow sculpture from March 2008

Legendary sports figure Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over til it’s over.”  The same holds true with Winter in South-Central Kentucky.  And sometimes even when it’s over, it’s still not over!  We’ve had measurable snowfall as late as the final day of April in Bowling Green.

I was browsing through some of the biggest/most infamous late season snowfalls in Bowling Green.  Here are a few, some of which you might recall:

March 1, 1980:  5″

March 8, 2008:  5″ (Up to 10″ in parts of the WBKO viewing area)

March 30-31, 1987:  8″

March 22, 1968:  11″

March 13, 1993:  1″ (up to 6″ in eastern sections near Lake Cumberland, this from “SuperStorm ’93”)

March 19-20, 1996:  7″ (up to a foot in some parts of the WBKO viewing area)

April 1, 1996 (less than two weeks after the snowstorm listed above):  1.5″

April 18, 1983:  2.1″

And the granddaddy of all snowstorms for Bowling Green:  23.7″ on March 8-9, 1960!!

Do I think we’ll see a repeat of that blockbuster winter storm our area experienced more than a half century ago?  Probably not.  But as we close out the winter season, we often have more moisture available for storm systems even through the depth of cold air in March or April is typically not all that great.  Of course, accumulating snow has been almost non-existent this winter (shades of last year), and many of us probably lose the mood for seeing flakes fly once the calendar rolls over into the third month of the year.  But don’t be surprised if we see a sneaky kind of system (one that models don’t often latch onto until almost the last minute) give us one more round of the white stuff before we can finally bid Winter farewell.

This could be one of those seasons where a Yogi-ism applies.



One comment on “Stranger Things Have Happened

  1. Sheryl says:

    If it happens, it happens, you just have to deal with it. Just make sure you are prepared for it that is why I love getting weather reports on line and cell phone, as well as keeping up with the weather updates on t.v. Always be prepared.

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