Still Dreaming of a White Christmas??

Well, if you are…as they say in New York City:  “Fahgettaboudit”!  (translation: forget about it).  Allow me to explain why.

On my last post here, I mentioned that models were honing in on a major storm system affecting the Ohio Valley the weekend leading up to Christmas.  That much is still on the table, though it will be a rain and thunderstorm producer for us Friday through Sunday.  There’s even potential for minor flooding and strong storms to go with it.

Once that system sweeps out of here Sunday night, a cooler but quiet weather pattern takes shape through Christmas Day.  It’s worth noting the models have really backed off what once looked like brutally cold air plunging into Kentucky next week.  The newest runs keep the coldest of arctic air confined to Canada, the Northern Plains, and the Upper Midwest.  It still appears chilly, but it now appears likely our temperatures will moderate on Christmas after a quick cold shot Monday into Tuesday (Christmas Eve).


Even with colder air present Monday and Tuesday, it takes moisture to create snow, and that won’t be present in our area, either.  High pressure is expected to move over our region during that time.  Here’s one model’s take on forecast snow depth through Christmas Eve.  While this could change a bit, notice how far northwest of the Blue Grass state one has to travel before finding at least 1″ of snow on the ground.


So as far as our chances for seeing a White Christmas in South-Central KY, it’s 4th and long, and the punting unit is coming out on the field.  Maybe next year.



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