Update on Sunday Snow and Bitter Cold That Follows

First of all, for anyone hoping for a BIG snow in South-Central KY, it looks like any shot for that is out the window.  Morning computer model runs have been trending warmer tomorrow. This is due to a more northwesterly track depicted by the low pressure system responsible for the rain and snow chances.  If you’re a lover of snow, a track right over Bowling Green – much less one to the west – is not what you want to see.  To get a really good snow here, you would want to see a track to the south over the Tennessee Valley. Such a track does not appear likely now.


With most guidance trending this way, it now appears our precipitation will fall mainly as rain before a changeover to *some* snow late tomorrow afternoon.  With the snow’s duration looking shorter now, it’s looking like 1-2″ totals will be more common than the 2-4″ we were thinking yesterday, and 2″ may be a stretch. Models often fluctuate with the ultimate track of storm systems, and that’s a BIG reason why we always stress things can and often DO change with regard to projected snowfall amounts from winter storms.  

This is NOT to say we will not have any issues with hazardous travel tomorrow evening.  I fully expect we will.  Much of those issues could come from “flash freezing” of water/slush on the roadways as temperatures quickly dive into the 20s and teens tomorrow night. Gusty winds could blow around any snow that accumulates.  Icing in roads won’t go away easily since temperatures are forecast to dive into the single numbers late Sunday night.  When it gets that cold, salt is of little use.  Glazed roads are likely to persist through Monday, as well.  And speaking of the cold…

Sunday night and Monday continue to look AWFULLY frigid for us!  We’ll likely wake up to readings around 0 Monday morning with daytime readings only in the single digits.  Combine that with gusty NW winds 20-30 mph and you get wind chills that will bottom out in the -15 to -25 range!  We could see Wind Chill Advisories issued at some point late tomorrow into Monday. Be prepared!


That deep trough has BITTER cold written all over it!

The National Weather Service will hold a conference call soon.  We’ll keep you updated as to their thoughts, and Stephanie Midgett will have the very latest on snow amounts and how cold temps and wind chills will get tonight on WBKO @ 10!




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